Friday, 16 December 2011


Here is a cut up edition of a radio show I found in searching for good Woman's Radio Shows. I played the edited show through my headphones while playing and recording an old analogue organ and pieced the two together..

Camp Universe City - Wise Woman 17.11.mp3 by NTS RADIO

This time I used a BBC In Our Time radio show on Imagination. Again, cut up and edited but this time I hired a studio space , borrowed some cymbals and attempted the drums for the first time..

Camp Universe City-2011-12-01-12:00:00.mp3 by NTS RADIO


During this edition of Camp Universe City I tick-off one of my life's goals: to play a semi-modular analogue subtractive audio synthesizer. I get a lesson in the sawtooth wave, Attack, Decay, Sustain and Release (ADSR), routing sounds from oscillators and signal flow. Basically, I move patch cables around.

Talking in The Grotto/Cave

Early Friday evening late September I arrived at the secret location canal-side East London called The Grotto/Cave to record a conversation between Adam Harper (writer of ‘John Maus: Heaven is Real’ and ‘Infinite Music also writer for Wire mag and host of KMA:Music the NTS arts-based radio show on Saturday afternoon) and Goldsmiths Student and nude drawing teacher Peter Voss-Knude.

Camp Universe City 2011-10-06-12:00:00.mp3 by NTS RADIO

Camp Universe City @ Ray's Music Store

On Thursday 1st September James Dunn & I took a visit to Ray’s Music store in Camden to capture the sounds emanating from it’s many various musical instruments.

Ray’s son Sun showed us around, played a little and shared his knowledge on some of the instruments history.

Check the music stores site here:

The shop ‘Ray’s Music’ first opened in Covent Garden over 25 years ago by Raymond Man: musician, collector, teacher and enthusiast. Now based in Camden on Chalk Farm Road you can expect to see rooms filled with instruments of the world; Chinese, Japanese, African, Middle Eastern and South American.

CUC x Ray's Music Store.mp3 by NTS RADIO