Thursday, 17 February 2011

The Wire Salon - How to Wreck a Nice Beach

The Portable Audio Recording Device (after a extended Christmas break) had the pleasure of attending Tuesday nights The Wire Salon at Cafe Oto. As blogged about late last year, The Wire Salon is a great monthly event produced by the Wire magazine providing a platform for musically minded people to give talks, presentations, Q&A's about various current subjects.

This months was 'How to Wreck a Nice Beach' and featured a talk by the man who has been called "the greatest hiphop writer in the world", New York based author and critic Dave Tompkins. Who - let me say is a very funny guy.

You can listen to it on the Wire's portal

The reason for this blogs hiatus is due to all spare time being invested into this:

NTS is a new online radio project we have been working on for almost ten months, which will broadcast live from our studio in Dalston's Gillett Square, London-- The project features programming from a wide range as possible - different hosts with different tastes. Get a sneak preview and join the facebook group here:

Each month we will record, edit and broadcast The Wire Salon - because we love it so.

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