Wednesday, 15 December 2010


An exciting new Radio Show requests your head!!

A new radio show
CAMP – as family, relaxed, nurturing environment
UNIVERSE – as all encompassing, everything is one, the intertwining of all subjects
CITY – as cosmopolitan, forward thinking, progressive and constant evolution

A radio show of new style, broadcast in two 1hr blocks over one day (Thursday, midday and midnight) in which the listener is exposed to different subjects (classes) of the Camp Universe City’s curriculum. Each class gets half an hour – four classes a day.

The CUC curriculum consists of 8 carefully selected classes:
• Philosophy
• Social Science
• Music
• Art
• Biology
• Film
• Lunchtime (food)
• Sweets (moments/objects/people of wondrous proportions)

Each class in the curriculum will be conducted by a tutor (scholar of that subject).

Once a month the scholars gather to present two topics within their subject to the CUC collective. All scholars discuss and dissect everything brought to the table, opening up the topics to be represented and viewed on from each scholar’s perspective. What unfolds is recorded and brought to the NTS audience as a new way of learning new subjects from the people.

As a CUC tutor you will be expected to have a thorough and fresh understanding of your subject. You will be open minded and unafraid to speak your mind on all matters involved in the CUC curriculum. You will be happy to dedicate one whole day per month (entitled The Gathering of The Heads) to gathering, presenting, discussing and recording for the CUC radio show. In preparation for this day you will do in depth research into your subject and bring 2 topics to the table to present. It is expected that your chosen topics are exciting, somewhat groundbreaking and evocative.

The Gathering of The Heads:
One day a month we will gather from 9am – 5pm for a heavily scheduled and somewhat formal day of discussion and recording. As we will have one day to record all 8 hours worth of air-time, we will present, discuss and record as if it’s going live-to-air. Chaired by one person, all scholars will have one hour (broken to a half hour in the morning and half hour at night) to present their two chosen topics, as everyone will be micro-phoned, all scholars are encouraged to speak their views on the presented topics and offer any additional information. Topics of discussion will not be disclosed prior to the gathering of The Heads. The only time the microphones will be off is during the one hour lunch break and two half hour morning tea/afternoon tea breaks.

The Heard Audio:
The recorded dialogue from The Gathering of The Heads will be lightly edited and aired over a period of one month on NTS: Every Thursday midday-1pm & midnight-1am
45% funny, 55% serious ///////// 80% love, 20% hate

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