Saturday, 18 December 2010

The Blind Date

So if you see one of my earlier posts, the 99PROBLEMS ep3, you'll see it's a radio show about dating. For the show we came up with the idea that I should go on a date and record it. I couldn't muster up the balls to ask someone out on a date for myself so my friend and colleague Onyee asked her friend Matthew Parker if he'd be interested in going a blind date which will be recorded from start to finish for a radio show. He was totally up for it.. his text back was 'sure.. why not?' (or something along those lines).

And so it was, I was to go on a blind date with a man. After much deliberating we decided the Spurstowe, although pricey, would be right for the event. Not too loud, not too formal, warm and fun.

The date went ahead as planned, recording recorded as planned, editing happened all in time for the show.. but, yes there's a but. I couldn't bear hearing it as it was being broadcast during the show.. I got all sweaty and clammy. We lowered the volume and talked over the top of it. My fellow announcers asked questions about how I felt and I answered with honesty. Too much honesty for such a public forum.

Anyway here is an edit, the one I made to play in the show... I feel OK having it up here where I do not have to comment. Make of it what you will. It's pretty boring to the uninvolved but does tell a tale of it's own...

Experimentation Dateism by clairurbahn


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