Monday, 15 November 2010


99 Problems is a radio show on London Fields Radio based at Wilton Way Cafe in Hackney which I produce and co-host with Rohyp.

London Fields Radio is basically a radio studio set-up in the corner of a cute cafe.. shows are hosted and played through the soundsystem live and recorded to be aired as a podcast via mixcloud. All this while people are eating bacon butties, reading the Guardian and arguing over what the difference is between a gibraltar and a cortado.

The 99 Problems show synopsis: a 70/30 mix of banter-meets-music bi-weekly podcast show offering insight into the problems facing those that dwell in Hackney. Each show is interspersed with field recordings from gigs we attend, people we talk to and sounds we hear of interest + special guests and carefully selected tunes of particular interest.

The first episode was entitled 'Hustlers of Hackney' and was recorded on Sunday 14th of November with special guest Dirty Barry. Dirty Barry bought the tunes and told stories of hustling cornflakes, speakers and religion.

Listen to the show and you'll hear about the stereotypical hustlers in Hackney and how to avoid them, hustling stories from hustlers and the hustled + interviews from Broadway Market stall holders, recordings from Wednesday's M.I.A gig at Brixton Academy and tunes from Simian Mobile Disco, Busta Rhymes and Curtis Mayfield.

Sunday, 7 November 2010

Duke Garwood_Snowblink_Howe Gelb

Last night as I poured pints, ate crumble and slurped on lemon and nettle tea, Duke Garwood,Snowblink and Howe Gelb with Lonna Kelley played at Cafe OTO.

Duke Garwood


Howe Gelb

For a snapshot listen to the soundcloud widget below. The first track is Duke Garwood, and the rest: Howe Gelb and Lonna Kelley. It's pretty special I recommend you check it out.

Duke Garwood + Howe Gelb by clairurbahn

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

An OG Composition

Awake early, meet a friend for a run, quick shower than downstairs to leisurely prepare a breakfast of orange, grated apple, plum, grated fresh coconut, sunflower seeds, banana and a sprinkling of cornflakes, coffee and an in-depth discussion on how to build a portable confessional... bid the friend farewell (he's going to London's oldest pub for a pint at 1pm) then upstairs to clean room.. pick up guitar, turn PARD ON, pick up flute, turn PARD ON, laptop open, sing PARD ON... etc ..

New Shoes by clairurbahn