Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Fur Hood, FourColor & Hervé Boghossian

FUR HOOD with unknown characteristic mug

Fur Hood (live at Cafe Oto) by clairurbahn


I'm the invisible man- Hervé Boghossian (live at Cafe Oto edited) by clairurbahn


FourColor (live at Cafe Oto) by clairurbahn

Fur Hood, Fourcolor and Hervé Boghossian all performed at Cafe Oto last Sunday. The space proved excellent for recording as the crowd were all totally into the music and appreciative of others ie. quiet. (if you listen closely you can hear someones mobile phone alarm going off at the start of FourColors' performance)

I went along just because I wanted to be drowned in sound with no idea what would be on. Fur Hood are a threesome from Glasgow with jilted sounds sometimes droney, sometimes perky. This track I've uploaded is a cover from Twin Peaks (which one.. I'm not actually sure.. anyone know??!).

Hervé Boghossian was a one man wall of stand-the-fuck-up sound. He stood behind a table. On the table sat a laptop and numerous unknown technical machines (mental note to self: attempt to record gear used for instances such as this). His guitar was strapped around him and the delay from strum to sound was quite significant. He was blank faced and concentrated throughout his performance and played tracks unlike the next --- FourColor aka Keiichi Sugimoto who played one long start-beginning-and-an-end track.

Before we move onto to talk about Keiichi I must explain the screaming in HB's audio. This is a 'Clair Urbahn' edit. I saw HAIR the musical recently and recorded some of the performance - this is what you hear in the first quarter 'I'm the Invisible Man'. HAIR, fyi, sits in the OK category purely because just before half time everyone on stage got naked. Had this not have happened, the only interesting thing I would be noting here would be how I slipped my heels off and fell asleep.. (somehow I could sleep through all that vibrato ALL THAT VIBRATO btw was completely unnecessary, just a splash of shrill will do.. just a splash)

Keiichi Sugimoto also creates music under the moniker FilFla and fonicais, and is part of Minamo (a 4 piece who've just released an album entitled Dureé on 12k). I am kicking myself for turning the PARD off about 7 minutes before Keiichi finished his performance.

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