Friday, 4 June 2010


Couples Are Creepy by clairurbahn

Viv Albertine of The Slits fame played at ATP, Butlins last month. It was just her on stage playing in an intimate surrounding to a blissfully quiet, attentive crowd. All her songs were much like this posted. She was great with heaps of in-between-song banter and humble honesty.

I recorded 21 bands during the weekend.. all of which will be posted on here as they become topical - this particular track - Couples are Creepy is the first to hit the site due to it's relevance.. couples ARE creepy (except Rohyp and Brad... cause i'm basically a part of your coupledom.. WE'RE not creepy).

The pic is of Viv with Sid of The Sex Pistols - she said during the concert "Sid was bought up by a junkie so i don't really know what kind of start he had".

Londoners can catch Viv playing at Strummerville in mid June.. Strummerville is a charity aimed at supporting new musicians set up after Joe Strummer's death. The site is interesting with some good downloads, events and info.

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