Saturday, 5 June 2010


OK I live central Shoreditch in a big church which goes by the name of Chaplegate. There are 14 of us - mostly women and gay men. Obviously this makes for plenty of party times.. a bottle of wine turns into three days of complete anarchy. More often than not going downstairs to make a morning cup of tea means encountering a kitchen table occupied by some of Shoreditches elite mumbling, consuming and avoiding sleep.

This morning I was awoken by TEAM GROCERY fucking around on the balcony catching the morning sun screaming 'Clair Clair get the pard .. I masterbated in a funny place'. I got up and recorded ... the result is boring as shit BUT I thought it would be a good introduction to many more Chaplegate recordings to come...

p.s photo features ERIN and EVE on the Balcon

Saturday Morning at Chaplegate by clairurbahn

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