Sunday, 5 August 2012

repositioning radeq

Current project: A Month Long Radio Exhibition

Following the 3-month occupation in the vast halls of the Bermondsey-based Biscuit Factory's V22 Summer Club - Radeq's new place of occupation presents a unique opportunity.

Radeq is an on-going radio project, a relentless expression of creativity and open-mindedness within the realms of broadcast. Born from a background of radio, sound engineering, audio technology, art and music, radeq formed in June to realize a pop-up radio station within the huge ex-Biscuit Factory's V22 Summer Club: a 54-day event hosting artist-led exhibitions, installations, performances, films and workshops.

It was here that SoundFjord, the UK's only sound-devoted art gallery, erected SOUND // SPACE, a pop-up record store and community hub, and it was also here that Soundfjord and radeq became friends, and so, an invitation from Helen Frossi of SoundFjord came about for radeq to relocate to their Tottenham Gallery on the closure of the Summer Club.

From the 6th - 31st August 2012, radeq is very pleased to present A Month Long Radio Exhibition.

During this time listeners can visit radeq's website ( to listen to a constant live stream.

The final week (27th - 31st August) will present a celebration of 'The Summer of '12'. This full programme of guests presenting their representation on the 2012 Summer, shall incorporate light-dictated sonic experimentations and will be operating within the limits of the suns' rise and fall.

Radeq would like to extend an invitation to anyone who wishes to express their interpretation of this year's summer. Expressions can be live from the radeq studio in Soundfjord or submitted pieces of work from anywhere in the world.

For further information on this please email

SoundFjord is a gallery, research unit and venue dedicated to the Sonic Arts.

For this month-long residency we'd also love to hear from anyone interested in broadcasting anything..

Suggested responses:
-live in-studio performance, debate, workshop, talk
-field recordings
-experimental soundscapes
-spoken word
-radiophonic / sonic / performance art

Listen here:

Saturday, 26 May 2012

Radiative Equilibrium

radeq is looking for audio submissions and live radio participation of any sort, to make up the Summer Club Radio programme.

Broadcasting live Thursday, Friday 5-10pm & Saturday, Sunday 12 - 10pm. 7th June - 2nd August, 2012

Transmitting the sounds of the Summer Clubs' live events, workshops, talks and sound art installations, along with regular live shows from audio enthusiasts, talkers, sonic experimentalists, and the sounds of the building overnight, the Summer Club Radio will be live while the club is open and schedule unique radio programming and repeats in the downtime.

The 'pop-up' station is born from NTS co-founder/programmer and radio producer Clair Urbahn and musician/sound-artist and NTS Studio Software Engineer, James Dunn along with V22 with some help from SHUNT.

It is hoped that responses for Summer Club Radio will be highly conscious of a radio format and dissemination medium.

Suggested responses:
-live in-studio performance, debate, workshop, talk
-field recordings
-sonic arts
-experimental soundscapes
-spoken word
-radiophonic art

radeq presents Summer Club Radio
V22 Summer Club
V22 Workshop, F Block
The Biscuit Factory
SE16 4DG


Hit any of the links below to tune in!


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Real Player

Friday, 16 December 2011


Here is a cut up edition of a radio show I found in searching for good Woman's Radio Shows. I played the edited show through my headphones while playing and recording an old analogue organ and pieced the two together..

Camp Universe City - Wise Woman 17.11.mp3 by NTS RADIO

This time I used a BBC In Our Time radio show on Imagination. Again, cut up and edited but this time I hired a studio space , borrowed some cymbals and attempted the drums for the first time..

Camp Universe City-2011-12-01-12:00:00.mp3 by NTS RADIO


During this edition of Camp Universe City I tick-off one of my life's goals: to play a semi-modular analogue subtractive audio synthesizer. I get a lesson in the sawtooth wave, Attack, Decay, Sustain and Release (ADSR), routing sounds from oscillators and signal flow. Basically, I move patch cables around.

Talking in The Grotto/Cave

Early Friday evening late September I arrived at the secret location canal-side East London called The Grotto/Cave to record a conversation between Adam Harper (writer of ‘John Maus: Heaven is Real’ and ‘Infinite Music also writer for Wire mag and host of KMA:Music the NTS arts-based radio show on Saturday afternoon) and Goldsmiths Student and nude drawing teacher Peter Voss-Knude.

Camp Universe City 2011-10-06-12:00:00.mp3 by NTS RADIO

Camp Universe City @ Ray's Music Store

On Thursday 1st September James Dunn & I took a visit to Ray’s Music store in Camden to capture the sounds emanating from it’s many various musical instruments.

Ray’s son Sun showed us around, played a little and shared his knowledge on some of the instruments history.

Check the music stores site here:

The shop ‘Ray’s Music’ first opened in Covent Garden over 25 years ago by Raymond Man: musician, collector, teacher and enthusiast. Now based in Camden on Chalk Farm Road you can expect to see rooms filled with instruments of the world; Chinese, Japanese, African, Middle Eastern and South American.

CUC x Ray's Music Store.mp3 by NTS RADIO

Saturday, 30 April 2011


Sunday 27th of February 2011. Christopher St. Gregory Fazio, James Dunn, Rebecce Ribichini, Ella Semega Janneh, Femi Adeyemi, William Pym and Dan Cape gathered at number 1 Prince George Rd N16 for the first ever Camp Universe City Gathering of the Heads. 7x microphones/leads/clips/stands, 1x 12 channel mixing desk, 1x Zoom H4N and 1 set of headphones connected; recording.

Here is the result - 3 radio shows all one hour long and presenting 2 scholars speaking on their own personally chosen topics.

Femi Adeyemi mediating:
St. Gregory Fazio on the Definition of Life
James Dunn on 12 Tone Equal Temperament
Rebecca Ribichini on Illness in Art
Ella Semega Janneh on The Taboo of Incest
Will Pym on Grandma's Cooking
Dan Cape on Slow Cinema and The Long Take

Recorded for, and broadcast on NTS

Week 3:

Week 2:

Week 1: